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  • Unrivaled fun in the largest and best outdoor paintball fields in Florida!

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  • Gator Paintball Extreme is under new ownership as of November 2017. Our new owner is a former Professional Ranked Paintball player. That sets the grounds to provide our participants with a fun paintball day! If you are looking for a paintball field that is safe to play in, courteous safety staff and with good products, you have to visit our paintball park. 

    For those looking for a little more than just a day of paintball, we offer an opportunity to join one of our field teams. We have a competition Tournament Team {Team Speed) and a Scenario Team (Mercenaries). No experience is necessary to join any of our teams. Just simply call and ask to join and we will give you the time and days that the teams practice at the field.

    Our main goal at Gator Paintball Xtreme, is to make sure that you have a great time. If you ever feel that we felt short of that experience, please contact the store and ask to speak to the General Manager. 727-862-2222

    We are just 30 minutes north of Tampa! See you soon!